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Website Under Construction!
The world's largest selection of sermons by old fashion preaching is under construction. This website use to be at the web address of amazinggracebaptistchurchkjv.com. I am the same owner, Pastor Marc Grizzard, but with a new name for the website.
Please be patient as I have nearly thirty thousand files to load and edit. I have just been given the opportunity to convert thousands of reel to reel sermons to mp3 files, and when I get through I have another person who wishes for me to do the same. So eventually  I will have the largest selection of sermons by old fashion preachers available on the internet. That does not include the thousands of cassettes that are sent to me and those I purchase to load as well.
If by chance anyone has any type of recording, cassette, record, VCR, DVD, real to real, etc. and you would like to donate them or sell them please contact me HERE! You can rest assured that I do not sell anything. Everything is always free to get the gospel out. I would be happy to pay for the shipping if that is a problem. Thanks. Pastor Marc
The purpose of this website is to get the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, and to help the Bible believer to grow and mature in Christ. This site is not affiliated with any church, association, convention, or other ministry.
This is a ministry and every ministry has expenses. For years I have been paying for these out of my own pocket and I've been happy to do so. Since the ministry has grown and my personal situation has changed it has been more than I can handle at times. Therefore, if the Lord lays it upon your heart to donate some money to the cost of this ministry please hit the Donate button below. Please do not give your tithe and offerings that you would & should give to your local church. Tithe and offerings are to be given only to your local church. This donation would be above and beyond your tithe and offerings.
Also, my wife and I are praying about going to the Philippines if the Lord provides the money. We support and know of several Philippino (Nationals) Missionaries that are asking us to come. They wish for my wife to train, and speak to their ladies and young people. They wish for me to preach and teach the men, as well as do soul winning. This is a great opportunity, but it is a great cost to fly to the Philippines. The cost would be around $4500.00 for tickets and extra cost. They have graciously offered us a place to sleep and food as long as we can stay. Our stay would be around 3-4 weeks.This is not a vacation or a pleasure trip, though we will enjoy seeing our friends and seeing their country. Several of these missionaries have preached for me on several occasions. These men have started many churches and have seen thousands saved. The Philippino people are hungry for the gospel and we are willing to go and try to be a blessing, but the Lord will have to provide. So, if the Lord burdens your heart to help, please hit the Donate button below and designate for Philippino missionary trip