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Obviously, I do not agree with everything that is said by each preacher listed below. So please don’t waste your time in writing to tell me what someone said, because I want respond. I’m telling you now, that I don’t. All of these men are human and have made human errors over the years on different topics, in and out of God’s word. Please be mature enough to swallow the meat and spit out the bones. If you don't like some preacher on this list, keep it to yourself, I don't care and neither does anyone else. I have included some "questionable" preachers that were obviously Bible (KJB) correctors. The fact is, God has used and will use men and women who were not IFB or KJB only. I will give you closed minded IFB (I'm a Bible Believer) a few examples; George Whitefield (a baby sprinkler), Dr. Bob Jones Sr. (Methodist), Martin Luther (Lutheran), R. G. Lee (Southern Baptist), D. L. Moody (Congregationalists), Fanny Crosby (Methodist), John & Charles Wesley (Methodists), etc. I don't believe anyone in their right mind would argue that God did not use these men and woman in a great way. Yet, they didn't line up with us Baptist. Imagine God using someone other than a Baptist. Now that's a thought! Here's another thought that might blow your pea brain. Independent Fundamental Baptist may not be right on everything either, and God still uses us. Thank God! Please enjoy!

Thanks. Preacher Marc

Alex Underwood


Bill Reese
Cathy Rice (Lessons for ladies)


David Gibbs
David McCoy
David Nix
David Otis Fuller
David Peacock
David Reese
David Sorenson
Dean McNeese
Dolphus Price 
Donald Barnhouse
Don Jasmin
Don Sisk
Earl Hughes
Ed Corn
Ed McAbee
Ed Stelling
Frank Duncan
Frank Logsdon
Fred Brown
Fred Porter
Gary Lutrick
George W. Truett
Greg Little
Gordon Sears

Harold Blanton
Harold Leake
Harold Sightler 
Harry A. Ironside
Hobart Goolsby
Homer Rodeheaver
H. P. Gauldin
Hudson Taylor
Hugh Pyle
Hyman Appleman
Ian Paisley
Jack Coe
Jack Hudson
Jack Hyles Sermons A-H
Jack Hyles Sermons I-P
Jack Hyles Sermons Q-U
Jack Hyles Sermons V-Z
Jack Trieber
Jack Wood
Jacob Gartenhaus
James P. Rushing
Jeff Faggart
Jeff Fugate
J. E. Glass
Jerry Myers
J. Frank Norris
J. Harold Smith
Jim Vineyard
Joe Arthur
Joe Boyd
Joe Parsons
Jo Henry Hankins
J. Oswald Smith
John Gamble
John Kent
John McCormick
John Rawlings
John R. Rice
Ken Ham
Kenny Baldwin
Kenny Grant
Larry Brown (South Carolina)
Lee Roberson
Leonard Ravenhill
Lester Roloff
L. R. Shelton

Marc Grizzard (Myself)
Maze Jackson
McArthur Grizzard (My Daddy)
M. H. Tabb
Mitch Canupp
Misc. Preachers
Monroe Parker
M. R. DeHaan



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Oliver B. Greene
Paul Knox
Percy Ray
Peter Ruckman
R. G. Lee
Rolland  Starr
Ron Comfort
Ron Hoy
Ronnie Waters
Rudy Smith
Sammy Allen
Samuel C. Gipp
Scott Roberson
Scott Strobel
Sermons for Women
Shelton Jones
Shelton Smith
S. M. Lockridge
Stanley Rogers
Steve Rhinehart
Steve Roberson
Stinnett Ballew
Susan Spurgeon
Tad Marshall
Ted Huntley
Terri Chappell
Terry Watkins (Dial The Truth Ministries)
Testimonies of the Saints
Texe Marrs
Theodore Epp
Tim Lee
Todd Bell
Tom Malone
Tom Sexton
Tom Shook
Tom Wallace
Tommy Steele
Tony Finney

Tony Hutson
Travis Sharpe
Uncle Bud Robinson
Vance Havner
Virginia Sisk (Lessons for Ladies)
W. A. Criswell
Wally Beebe
Walter Burl
Walter Hughes
Walt Handford
Walter Ziglar
Wendell Evans
Willard Box
William Bell Riley
William Booth
William (Bill) Grady
William Branham
William (Bill) Huntley
Wilson Ewin