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Biblical Quotes

Welcome to this page of Biblical Quotes. If you are like me you have heard or told a few quotes before that someone has shared with you. Maybe you even have some of your own. The best ones that I have found to be true are those that are based on the word of God. Some of these listed have been a real blessing in my life and in my preaching. I hope they will encourage you in the things of the Lord.
I do not agree on every issue with every man or woman listed below.

Index of Authors

Beverly (Jack) Hyles

B. H. Carroll

Bill Reese-Preacher Bill

Billy Sunday

Bob Jones Sr.

B.R. Lakin  

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Charles Finney

Clarence Sexton

Corrie ten Boom

Daniel Webster

David Brainerd

David Cloud

David Otis Fuller

D.L. Moody

Ford Porter

Gail Riplinger

George Dollar

George Muller

George Whitefield

Gypsy Smith

Harold Sighter

Hudson Taylor

Jack Hudson

Jack Hyles

James A. Stewart

J. Frank Norris

John Ashbrook

John Bunyan

John R. Rice

John Wesley

John William Burgon

Jonathan Edwards

J. Vernon McGee

J. Wilbur Chapman

Larry Brown

Lee Roberson

Lester Roloff

McArthur Grizzard-My daddy!

Matthew Henry

Misc. Authors

Mordecai Ham

Oliver B. Greene

R.A. Torrey

R.G. Lee

Sam Morris

Shelton L. Smith

Steve Hurt

Thomas Watson

Unknown Authors

William Booth

William Carey

William Tyndale

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